iBitt and Startup Grind support corporative innovation in the Minnin Summit 2019

iBitt and Startup Grind support corporative innovation in the Minnin Summit 2019

The first event of mining innovation in Chile was the scenery for an exclusive panel of speakers dedicated to spread the word about entrepreneurship and collaborative economy. The encounter counted with the presence of iBitt as the official sponsor of the new businesses accelerator Startup Grind Santiago.

During the 23th and 24th of April, the great entrepreneurship fair Minnin Summit 2019 put under the spotlight the opportunities of expansion of the latin american market thanks to the presentations given by national and international attendees.

On its second edition, the event dedicated to reunite startups to discuss the latest trends in the mining industry and in general, counted with talks from representatives from the corporative and technological field. Among them, Startup Grind participated in the event in alliance with Google for Startups, presenting the panel “Startups as an engine for Corporative Innovation”.

The panel brought by the representatives of the global community of startups was focused in entrepreneurship and collaborative economy. Also, it counted between its speakers with Michelle Ash, expert in strategy of development and technological implementation;  Claudio Valenzuela, CEO of Mine Class, the first educational platform about mining; and Constantino Seixas, general manager of Accenture Brazil.

As a sponsor, iBitt continue to support the entrepreneurship and the innovation in Chile and Latin America by being present in the Minnin Summit 2019. Between the attendees to the conference there was Chris Schwarzenbach, co-founder and Chief Of Operations of Investa, parent company of iBitt. There also was Carlos Zazo, General Manager of iBitt in Chile.

With the support towards the mining industry in Chile as a main goal, the occasion also served as a platform to expose the latin american corporative and entrepreneur talent, where technology also occupied a main spot in the discussion. Due to this, the presence of iBitt gives a support to the creation of new businesses that collaborate with the sustainable growth of the wide range of industries in the region.


iBitt continues to support Latin America’s technological development as well, not just as a sponsor but as an entrepreneurship itself in the financial service field. The example set by iBitt as an exchange platform and with OTC Desk offices already available for the public of Peru and Chile, makes it part of the latin american Fintech ecosystem. Is important to add to this iBitt’s presence in innovation events, which are part of the landscape in the variety of services available in the financial area for the public in the region.

Aiming to impulse the adoption of new financial technologies, iBitt’s unique services and products continue to revolutionize the market of cryptocurrency solutions in the latin american region. This way, we upgrade the level of this services with new tools made available to the general audience.

As it keeps growing and extending its services, iBitt’s presence will also keep up in events that demonstrate the entrepreneur talent in the region, to serve as a boost in all the different fields and industries that are part of the wide market that will benefit of the arrival of new businesses and services over all Latin America in upcoming years.

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