Trade wherever you go with iBitt’s professional investor’s app

Trade wherever you go with iBitt’s professional investor’s app

In the trading world, to stay ahead in the market is key for investors. In order to provide the best trading ecosystem for our clients, iBitt and parenting company Investa have in store the latest in exchange platform services for traders with the upcoming iBitt mobile app.

By bringing the latest in mobile apps for trading, iBitt steps ahead in Fintech services with the upcoming launch of its platform design to fulfill the necessities of the investors of FIAT and cryptocurrency markets. Getting their services as well as their clients into the future, this brand new product, powered by parenting company Investa, is designed to impulse traders into a new era for investing.

As part of iBitt’s roadmap to extend its variety of unique financial products and services, the next step its set on providing a mobile application to serve to traders and investors who don’t want to miss out any financial opportunities in the market.

The growing capitalization of the crypto market have left under the spotlight great investment possibilities that now are more accessible than ever thanks to iBitt and Investa. The mix of both crypto and FIAT currencies in one platform has now migrated to a unique product thought specially for investors.

Suited for the necessities of the traders of today, the mobile platform developed by Investa will count on the wide offer of currencies provided by iBitt exchange, which has the biggest liquidity of the market. Soon, investors will be able to trade with over 200 FIAT and crypto currencies from their anytime and anywhere using their mobile devices.

The professional crypto platform is designed to ease fund management from a mobile device, allowing users to make investment decisions on the go. Wealth grow is assured in the availability of investment at any moment and any time just by accessing to the iBitt’s app.  

iBitt’s investor’s app offers a secure wallet for both FIAT and crypto funds -including the INV token- protected by maximum security protocols. Not only users will be able to keep their funds fully secured, but will also be able to manage them in a fully functional trading platform or easily send and receive them from their iBitt wallet.

Also, users will not only be able to trade within the mobile app, but also will have access to several unique services such as a peer-to-peer lending program and exchange-traded fund (ETF) crypto basket gain. Furthermore, Investa’s powered trading app will also let investors step ahead in the market with access to private spree ICO discounts, gaining advantage for new opportunities in the crypto market.

Investors can already access iBitt’s exchange platform, which is available in iBitt’s web page, and can be used after following simple steps of registration and KYC security protocols to start trading with the full variety of currencies in display, along with all its benefits such as market analysis, record of transactions and much more.

The iBitt and Investa’s mobile app will be soon available to download for Google Store and Apple Store.

You can watch the app’s promo here.

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