iBitt sponsored the Latin American entrepreneurship with #FiresideChat 2019

iBitt sponsored the Latin American entrepreneurship with #FiresideChat 2019

In iBitt we are very proud to announce that the #FiresideChat 2019 event, dedicated to support the entrepreneurial talent in Latin America was declared a success.

Chile was the setting of the recent meetup sponsored by iBitt and organized by the accelerator Startup Grind of Santiago de Chile and Google for Startup. For the occasion, the entrepreneurs present had the chance to learn first hand about how to promote their business ideas under the guide of the successful entrepreneur and branding expert Karen Montalva.

The event focus was set in how to generate sales during the first steps of an entrepreneurship. During her talk, Montalva, main speaker and specialist in sales acceleration, explained to the assistants how to make their business take off and make it a success.

The meetup counted on the assistance of local entrepreneurs and participants interested in improving their selling scheme and make their business projects a reality. Guided by Montalva’s experience in sales, the assistants learned the step-by-step of how to boost their sales and their business brand, which constitutes a key theme in the early years of a entrepreneurship, as the invited expert explained during the specialized talk.

The prestigious space of co-working and forum of Open Innovation, Bridge By Accenture, in Santiago de Chile, was the space used for the special ocassion. There, both chilean assistants and foreigners from different parts of Latin America expressed their satisfaction to the event organizers, confirming the success of expectations and meeting the goal of impulsing the entrepreneurial talent in the region.

The participation of iBitt exchange as sponsor had its greatest merit in the support of an event destined to serve as a boost for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America, an occasion that will precede many more similar activities in the near future.

With its arrival to the latin american public in 2018, the vision of the company property of INVESTA continues to reach goals as it goes further than just be part of the latin american market, as it adds value to its participation in the space, supporting the education in the business area.

Our unique services are directed to generate financial inclusion and incentivize the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. iBitt also aspired to inspire new generations of entrepreneurs in the spanish speaking region.

In collaboration with Startup Grind (@StartUpGrindSCL), iBitt aspires to continue to boost the participation of the global and local entrepreneur community to boost the creation of new solutions in the latin american market.

The constant evolution of commercial opportunities that is widely presented in Latin America’s landscape should be object of more investment through educational events focused in targeting new talents in the business area. An opportunity that represents an equally lucrative incentive for countries with entrepreneurs that destine their talents to create new solutions to their very diverse and particular issues.

Because of this, iBitt it’s proud to be the official sponsor of this and many future events related to the enrichment of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America, and at the same time that continues to extend the benefits of its financial services directed to the general public in the region.

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