iBitt takes part in the Fintech revolution

iBitt takes part in the Fintech revolution

Innovation in the financial field is a key subject for the economic development worldwide. In 2018 a new record was established in the investment of entrepreneurships focused in providing new solutions for financial services, with over $55 billion invested in the FinTech sector, reaching up to $44 billion just during last year’s first semester.

This also applies to the Latin American market, which presents great expectations in opportunities for financial products and services development, according to studies made by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Finnovista organization. The statistics provided by both institutions showed an undeniable wave of innovation that goes back to 2016, when over 700 consolidated Fintech entrepreneurships were counted in 15 countries all over the region and represented in a report in 2017.

In the middle of this innovation wave, -never seen before in the financial sector- iBitt adds value offering its unique products and services for the traditional market as well as for the crypto world.

The arrival of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology into the financial landscape represents an opportunity that keeps on challenging entrepreneurs at a global scale. The explosion of investment in business focused in this financial technology marked the job market. This was proved in 2017, when there was a raise over 200% in job offers in blockchain related positions for development of solutions with this technology.

Surpassing our competence common and basic services offers, iBitt goes beyond in what it has in store for both investors and the general public. Not only offers an exchange platform for cryptoassets and fiat money with the biggest liquidity in the market, but it also provides products and services that bring new technologies closer to an audience accustomed exclusively to traditional financial services.

iBitt covers an international audience that extends from United Kingdom to Latin America, offering a multi-platform with products and services without comparison at a global scale. From the network of CRYPTO-FIAT ATMs for the latin american region set on the company’s roadmap to its unique prepaid crypto debit card, iBitt is the perfect solution for the general public.

iBitt services successfully meet the biggest challenges that all entrepreneurships with crypto must face. Its services comply with international bank regulations, supply the public with education and eases adoption of new financial technologies, and it also attend the needs of both investors and individuals with escarce financial experience.

On top of all of this, iBitt supports the revolution of financial services with its impulse towards the latin american entrepreneur talent. Since 2019 iBitt sponsors initiatives that organize events directed to the development of solutions in countries like Chile, where it’s located one of iBitt’s offices as part of its roadmap of extension across the latin american region.

iBitt also takes part in the Fintech revolution and service innovation as part of the Innovations and Entrepreneurship Fair that will take place in the city of Santiago de Chile. iBitt is the official sponsor of Startup Grind on its chapter in the capital of Chile, whom will be presenting an Innovation and Collaboration Panel, where collaborative economy will take the stage  during the event that will be done from April 23th to 24th this year.

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