How to start trading with iBitt exchange

How to start trading with iBitt exchange

As cryptoassets gain traction as part of the digital economy, the ongoing adoption already show outstanding statistics. Just by the end of 2018, there were already over 32 million bitcoin wallets created globally, with millions of emerging market users.

The increase in the crypto market capitalization has showed great opportunities for investment for the general audience as well. According Chainalysis, the number of current active bitcoin users is around 7.1 million, with over 4 million of them using the cryptocurrency for speculative trade.

As the market grows, safe inclusion of new investors is vital to build a secure financial environment. Safe practices used by renowned crypto exchanges include compliance to banking regulations, user identification and confirmation and security of funds through encryption.

In the mist of crypto adoption, iBitt platform is adapted to comply with all the requirements to operate with financial institutions all around the globe. Our exchange manages the biggest liquidity in the market with over 200 FIAT and crypto currencies including the INV token, so it fits the overall necessities of our clients globally along with our variety of products and services.

To use iBitt exchange platform is easy. Here we explain it to you in three simple steps:

Set up your iBitt account

Follow all the steps to create your own iBitt account. First of all is the registration, done very easily by simply with your email and a selected password.

After confirming your email, you will have access to further services, including the iBitt exchange, where you’ll be granted a wallet to manage your funds inside the platform and to start using the exchange platform.

KYC Verification

The next thing is to do your Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification, which will allow you to withdraw your funds. Just look for the Security option in the menu and select KYC Verification.

Make sure to fill correctly all the data requested in order to be possible for us and bank entities to confirm your identity while doing any process. You’ll also need to set up your 2 Factor Authentication using the selected phone number or email used in the KYC form.

Start trading

Now you can set up all your account preferences. iBitt allow users to manage a multi-wallet platform, where you can start doing trades with any of the over 200 currencies available, according to your investment interests.

Afterwards, you can start trading! You can select either Basic or Pro trading options, where you’ll be able to buy and sell using FIAT and crypto, and also send and withdraw funds from your iBitt wallet.

iBitt exchange platform is designed to help our clients take the best investment decisions, thanks to its market analysis of the chosen assets. From keeping track of the assets highs and lows to keep record of all the trades made by the user.

With iBitt our clients now have a whole world of investment opportunities both with FIAT and cryptoassets. This includes the possibility of using the INV token, which is exclusive for INVESTA users and allow users to take advantage of all the benefits that iBitt has in store for you.

You can see a preview of how our platform works here.

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