Discover a world of possibilities with your ibitt card

Nowadays traditional financial services struggle to keep up with the times. While in 2018 the statistics pointed out that the adults at a global scale with access to financial services reached to 69% -which represents 3800 million people- according to the World Bank, the pending work is still of huge proportions, specially in Latin America. …

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Make your transactions with the exchange of major liquidity in the market

The limitless benefits of cryptocurrency adoption resonate more and more in the traditional market of fiat money. Nowadays, the cryptocurrency market has a value that goes over $100 billion in total net worth, being 16% of this made only in transactions from Latin America. This is due to the fact that blockchain and cryptocurrencies represent …

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IBitt will create the biggest crypto ATM network of Latin America

The world is changing and financial services are evolving towards new technologies. In the wave of the digital economy by the year 2018, the cryptocurrency market already counted with hundreds of thousands of users only in Latin America and the Caribbean, with most services directed to the use of criptoassets in Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, México …

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